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Al-Inam Food & Ration Distribution for Helpless Families

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A high proportion of people are in a vulnerable state due to the fact that they don’t have food, water or shelter. They don’t have enough money to purchase their medicines, or feed their children which only further results in them developing cases of depression and suicidal behaviour. Al Inam Relief Foundation will help eradicate such acts by opening up a food bank. Your £100 will feed a family for an entire month, in essence £1200 a year will allow a family to live in peace who have been affected by any natural or physical disasters and have been left helpless, with no source of income or support. Your contribuition will act as a lifeline for those in desperate situations, even going to the extent of picking food out of garbage, and giving it to their children. We are blessed that Allah SWT has given us everything, if you donate one plate from your dining table for those in desperate need of food, it will help the helpless.